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Solve big problems. Inspire others. Channel our energy. Do it together.

We live so much of our lives online, but we don’t always know what happens to the data we share or whose hands it ends up in. In order to have meaningful control of our online lives we have to understand our choices.

You have the power to take back control of your data, but we need a community to take back the Web.

Change Behaviour

Change Behaviour

Educate people to change the way they understand and control their data online.

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Start Conversations

Start Conversations

Explore privacy and security issues on your campus to spark awareness and start conversations.

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Build Technology

Build Technology

Use technology to help make privacy and security accessible to all.

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Meet the Campus Teams.

More than 600 teams from 46 countries are running the Take Back the Web campaign on their campuses. Campus Teams are charged with making a measurable impact in their local campus community.

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Meet the Local Coaches.

Campus Teams have a big task ahead of them, and Local Coaches are there to keep them motivated and focused on progress. Local Coaches share their experiences and knowledge as Campus Teams tackle the campaign.

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Our Blog

Seven Weeks to Take Back the Web

For 7 weeks from May to July 2016, hundreds of students around the world led the Take Back the Web campaign on their campuses to shift attitudes and change behavior around privacy and security online. Take Back the… Read More

Share your Take Back the Web feedback

As you’ve heard before, this is the first time we’ve tried running a campaign like this. Because it was our first attempt at something new, feedback from our pioneering “early adopters” is so important. We want to hear about your… Read More

Wrap-Up and Reflection Guide

Phew! The last seven weeks have been busy. You’ve run workshops, collected pledges, done treasure hunts around your university, come up with innovative new ideas… And at the same time you’ve juggled exams, classes, presentations, and (hopefully) a… Read More

Campaign Leaderboard Week 5

Campus Teams are doing some amazing work across the globe. Here we will highlight the regions and universities who are engaging in the campaign really well. We like a little friendly competition, but it’s also important that campaigners celebrate each… Read More